Thursday, September 4, 2014

Where is my mouse?

How this application can help you...

This application will reduce your stress with mouse cursor related problems, and save your time and energy with them.

** Do you have difficulty on finding mouse cursor sometimes? Don't stand the discomforts anymore and stop spending your energy there. When you can't find mouse pointer for the complex objects on the screen,

Just Shake your Mouse Cursor

You don't need to change your behavior. You don't need to try to find notification object. Wherever you're looking at, the circle will pass and just follow it.

** Are you using multiple screens with different size? Does the corner disturb you while the cursor is crossing the screen, and make you try it again with different mouse position?

Just move the cursor as you wanted.

When you are under this trouble, you need to care about the position and try it again. But this application will help you stop concerning about those efforts.

How it works with you...

** Finding Mouse Cursor
When you can't see the cursor, just try to shake it. (like right bottom in the video)

Then a big circle will approach to the cursor. You don't need try to find the circle, because the circle will pass wherever you're gazing in the screens.

** Crossing the edge of multiple screens.
When your mouse cursor is stuck on the corner, this application analyze which screen you wanted to go over, and let the cursor do it. You don't need to do anything for that.

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  1. Thanks for a useful utility. I particularly like how it helps me use multiple monitors more comfortably:
    - Aligning my monitors in the System Settings Display Alignment tool is much easier with your colored guidelines.
    - I had not realized how much I was subtly bothered by the mouse tripping on the corner when moving from a large screen to a smaller one, until it stopped happening.
    - I got the app for the mouse location feature, and that works just fine. The other tools are an unexpected bonus.


  2. Nice, but it'd be nicer if there were a way to dial down the sensitivity. The "rainbow" sometimes shows up in response to ordinary cursor movements, not rapid shaking. Maybe a Control Shake sequence?